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Abadenn An divskouarn o nijal - Pennad skignet d'ar 24.10.2011

45 munut

Kenny Matampash mouezh aotreet ar bobl Maasaï

Kenny MatampashKenny Matampash

Kenny matampash o tisplegan spered ar Vaasaied da vugale eus BreizhKenny matampash o tisplegan spered ar Vaasaied da vugale eus Breizh

Pennad-komz kaset da benn gant : Lou Millour

un interview of Kenny Matampash. Translated in breton langage by Ninnog Latimier
Neighbours Initiative Alliance is Non governmental organization working with the Maasai people in kajiado Central, Kajiado North and Kajiado South districts in Kenya. It was established and registered in 1996 as a non-profit making organization under the NGO Coordination Act.
NIA is a service delivery organization, which addresses the needs of the poor and vulnerable groups among the Maasai people living in various neighbourhoods (former group ranches) in the districts.
Our core business is empowering the community through education and training for critical consciousness, lobbying and advocating for justice, carrying our research and surveys and promotion of economic sustainability in the community.

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