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eus al Lun d'ar Gwener da 07:30 | 08:00 (flash) | 08:30 | 5:30

News from all over Brittany presented by journalists from the four radio associations in Breton : Arvorig Fm, Radio Kerne, Radio Bro Gwened and Radio Kreiz Breizh.
A daily view on the latest news from the four corners of the country.
This is the first time a news show is proposed in this way in Brittany. It offers quality news items that will interest people living in Brittany itself, but also people in the living abroad who want to know what�s going on in Breizh.

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Abadenn diwezhañ 03.04.2020

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Trubuilhet eo an eskemmoù etrebroadel yaouankizoù gant ar c'horonavirus
Gant Erell L'Hopiteau, deus ar gevredigezh "Jeunes à travers le Monde". Emai deus mikro Neven Penneg
selaouit ar pennad-kaoz
Penaos e ra ar veleien evit labouriñ deus a-bell?
Gant Kaou Sanson, beleg e Montroulez, deus mikro Erwan Blañchard
selaouit ar pennad-kaoz