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Abadenn Spotlight on Brittany - Pennad skignet d'ar 01.06.2021

30 munut

JUNE 2021

Pennad-komz kaset da benn gant : Elaine, Rob, Jon, Susan, Bruno, George and all the team

This month, with a nod to the Tour de France which begins in Brest, we leap on to the saddle with several cycling items! Clément Perrichot, from Carhaix's Tourist Office fills us in on the statues of the four Breton cycling heroes, the "Four Aces" in the town centre; Becky Durrell, an experienced cyclist familiar with Brittany terrain, tells us about her hopes for a women's tour and we visit Patrick Pardy in his repair workshop in Rostrenen, where he also makes bespoke saddle bags. Our final item is also the 'Finale' for the Démos Kreiz Breizh music project, which we have been following. Marine Chedotel the coordinator, has some exciting news!