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RADIO KERNE Plijadur bemdez !

Radio Kerne exists since 1998. It is a Radio station, entirely in the the Breton language, that broadcasts from Quimperlé to Brest on the frequencies 90.2 MHz, 92.0 and 97.5 MHz.
Radio Kerne broadcasts 60 hours of programmes in Breton every week, for the young as well as the older listener.
In these hours various types of programmes are proposed, featuring news emissions, live reports, bulletins on different subjects, comical programmes etc. The largest part of these programmes is produced together and in exchange with the other Breton-language radio stations : Arvorig FM, Radio Kreiz Breizh, Radio Bro Gwened.
The musical programmation of Radio Kerne is famous, broadcasting the music of local artists while staying open to the rest of the world at the same time. This choice of music attracts many listeners, Breton speakers as well as people who do not master the language.

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