RCF Penn-Ar-Bed Programmoù e brezhoneg

RCF-Penn-Ar-Bed is part of the national network RCF (French Christian Radios). RCF-Rivages, the only RCF radio to offer Breton language programs, broadcasts on the Finistčre territory.

Breton language programs on RCF-Rivages :
Two weekly magazines are presented by Pauline Daniel : Buhez (Life), a 60 program dealing with everything related to Breton life and people (society, politics, culture, ...), and Lenn, Son ha C'hoari (Literature, music and theatre), 30.
Muzikou santel or bro , presented by Job an Irien, is a musical 60 program on Breton and Celtic sacred music.
Prayers in Breton can also be heard on a daily basis on RCF-Penn-Ar-Bed.

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