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Spotlight on Brittany

Spotlight on Brittany, une émission réalisée par des bénévoles de AIKB, et destinée à des auditeurs anglophones et francophones en Centre Bretagne, et partout dans le monde.

30 minutes

Daraine emission 01.10.2021


This month the 'key' word is 'multi'! Multi-lingual (polyglot) poet, Diarmuid Johnson, describes his place in the Celtic world and introduces us to his writing, then multi-instrument-playing musician tells us why she wants to form a brass band, but one with a difference! Amateur archaeologist, Rob Gwener, gives us a tour of the latest Neolithic site near Carhaix, where, no doubt, a multitude of stones will have been turned over and a multifarious group of intrepid travellers board the Napoleon Express at Pontivy station in search of Utopia!